• http://www.facebook.com/nanlani612 Nan Connor

    “When A Man Loves” starring Song Seung heon my hero, is a must watch/follow drama~episode 1 was intense and SSH’s performance was beyond what I expected. The drama itself is exciting and full of action that gets your heart jumping for more..ha:)) episode 2 is more on the calmer side; however, it is fun to watch Seung heon in his own discreet way moving in on the young girl, Seo mi do who will also be an interested party to Seung heon’s buddy, Lee Jae hee..ahh, no, no bad move Jae hee:)) I encourage y’all to watch this drama as the talents put together make for an exciting and enjoyable drama~”WHEN A MAN LOVES” IS A MUST WATCH!!! Thanks Seung heon and love you mucho grande~*❤*~

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